I have operated a solo practice in Austin, Texas since 1981. My primary area of practice involves all areas of criminal law. I have tried hundreds of criminal cases involving charges of DWI, family violence and all felony crimes including murder, aggravated sexual assault, possession of controlled substances, possession of child pornography and various white-collar crimes. I have represented defendants in numerous federal district courts across the United States for drug offenses involving hundreds of thousands pounds or marijuana and multiple pounds of cocaine and methamphetamine. My office also represents clients for driver license suspensions and expunctions.

I was graduated from the University of Texas and University of Texas Law School in 1976. I began my career as a Misdemeanor prosecutor for the Travis County Attorney’s office where I tried many misdemeanor jury trials for two years. I joined the office of the Travis County District Attorney in 1978 where I served as a chief prosecutor in the trial division for two and half years. During my career as a prosecutor I tried numerous jury trials involving murder, aggravated robbery, aggravated sexual assault and other felony crimes.

The experience of over 30 years in the criminal field provides my clients with the knowledge of how to prepare a case for trial or how to best position my clients for an advantageous plea bargain. The best defense is always a good offense, and having a lawyer who is respected by opposing counsel can make a huge difference in the outcome of plea negotiations. Only an experienced trial lawyer can successfully defend a criminal defendant in court. Some lawyers never try cases because of their lack of experience. A trial is always an option if I am representing you.

At my office I treat every client as an individual, not as another legal fee. I never advertise, and all of my referrals come from satisfied clients, not from advertising. I pride myself in using every effort to explore getting charges against my clients dismissed through the aggressive use of the available laws or facts. If a dismissal cannot be obtained, I endeavor to be certain that my clients have all the information available for them to make the decision on how to attack the criminal charge against them. If a trial is a necessary or advisable, my clients can feel secure with their representative in the courtroom because I have the experience and personality to present the most effective case. If the case must be negotiated, my experience will assure the best plea bargain available.

I hope this Web site and the information it contains will be useful for your understanding of the criminal justice system, but this Web site is not legal advice. In order for my office to give you appropriate legal advice, I would have to discuss the particular facts and the law surrounding your individual case. Nate Stark lawyer's signature.

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